Pastries and Cookies

Pastries and Cookies from Villa Italia have been enjoyed by our local customers from Schenectady and beyond for over 40 years.  When Joseph Mallozzi first introduced 'Mini' Italian pastries in 1965, his hope was that sweet lovers would like to try the many different tastes and textures of his pastries without filling up on one big one!  the concept proved true, and today we offer over 40 unique mini pastries, cookies, and desserts.

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3 lbs $43.97 15-20
4 lbs $57.96 20-25
5 lbs $71.95 25-30
6 lbs $85.94 30-35
7 lbs $99.93 35-40
2 lbs* $29.98 8-10

Sales tax not included
* 10 tray minimum required

Pastry and Cookies are sold individually for $13.99 per pound

We also offer shipping for all cookies!

Please contact us or call (518) 355-1144 for more information and to place an order.